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how he got away. >> aad driveway paving scams on the increase. what you should be watching out for. >> and a puppy with a problem. why his appetite for small change ppt his life at risk. >> live, in high definition, frrm wbff tv in baltimmoe, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i aa karen parks. >> and i am jeff barnd. worldwide controversy and pressure after one pastor planned to burn the quran. >> tonight, pastor terry jones said he will not go ahead with holy book of islam. he cancelled the burning, even though he was waiting to hear frommthe imam in harge of3 building the mosque. near ground zzrooin new york >> i can guarantee that he will not burn quuan tomorrow at 6:00. he will not e in the city. >> at one point jones beeieved there was a deal to move the mosque. but imam aid that the plan
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community center is moving forward. plans to build the quran fueled protests in muslim countries. secretary of defense robert gates called jones personally saying the quran burning would be soldiers at ddnger and the president addressed the in the newssconference today. >> the idea that we would uun the sacred text of someone elsees religion, is contrary to what this country stands for. %-absolutely lit up our facebook page. and website today. we asked if burning he quran would incite terrorism. most of you said yes. 67 to 33 percent. on facebook, bernie writes, to incite followers to hatred is just as dangerous as inciting them to suicide. but julia writts, even if they do not burn the quran terrorism will be inciteed. thanks again for writing. >> tomorrow, americaawill honor the thousands of lives lost in tte 9/11 attacks, nine yeers
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ago. back in 2001, of course. 19 members of al-qaida flew two planes into the world trade center towers in manhattan. one into the penttgon in washington, d.c.. and a fourth plane crashed in pennsylvania. passengers on board.h brave the effort to rebuild at ground zero is continuing. >> it became obvious to me, that this terrorist sought to destroy our way of life. the ttackkon america. and not to rebuild these buildings, would be to give the terrorist exactly what they were >> and right nnw, there are 2000 people working at that site. that number is expected to rise to 10,000, when completed. the top of the building wwll be ú%76 feet off the ground. >> a group of first responders are going to great distances to mmke sure that it is remembered and that those that lost their lives are honored. they have been running across the country, for about a month
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now. >> late last night. the tour of duty line, loyola ccllege's new shaun lagano memorial field. named after a 95 graduate and captain of the club, rugby team thattdied in he 9/11 terrorist attacks at the world trade center. a personal friend of a few of tte runners. >> we want people to never forget what happened that day. first responders all over the world, go out, every daa and do their job, no matter what terrorist atttcc, or whatever the case may be. >> well, the runners get to new york city tomorrow, they will have run 4600 miles, spanning 24 states, inn31 days. >> and tomorrow morning,,3 maryland's newest monument honoring 9/11 heroes will be3 dedicated innarundel county. it is located in millersville at the county police and fire headquarters. two pieces of steel from ground zero are part of the monument. phase 1 is complete. but eventually, there will be a
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walkway, benches, and plaques honoring those thattdied on that dark, dark day. here is a live look t the world trade cenner at the inner harbour today. tooay, governor o'malley said it ú%uld be the site of maryland's official 9/11 memorial. a peeves steel from the twin towers in new york city will be part of the memorial. it is set to be installed next year. >> runners in baltimore, will be remembbring 9/11 tomorrow morning. the run to remember, 5 k run, 1 morning, at, approximately, or morning. that's the exact time the first plane hit the north tower of the world trade center on 9/11. you can still register to run tomorrow morning at the war >> watch fox 45 news at 10:00 tomorrrw night foo a look at commemorationssin the state of maryland and across he u.s. >> breaking news out of arundel county. a baltimore city police officer the officer hit another carh.
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while trying to apprehend a suspect. on audrey avenue. pursuit crossed ovvr the county3 line. police were able to arrest two %-the officer and the person driving the other car, were3 complaining of minor injuries. we're told. no word on why the officer was changes the vehiile in the first place. >> the search continues for a sussect accused of attemptedú murder that escaped police this ú%paul palmer was being moved to central booking for a stabbing police say he committed last month. he complained of a hand injury. and that's howwhe was ableeto get away. >> detectives brought him back in the lobby of the police station. ann he was able to escape. he was able to sneak out of the handcuffs and flee from police custody.ú over the past couple of hours we have been looking for him. regional warraat apprrhension task force issthe see p a group and palmer is considered armed and ddngerous. if you have any information about the whereabouts, you are asked to call police. >> police arrest a man that they say tried to raae a 20-year-old
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%-alleged viitim claims that she was walking on the baltimore annapolis traii, whhn michael johnson, suddeely grabbed her and tried to drag her into aú %-a neighbor came to help when e heard screaming. %-trail with condoms nd a knif. held tonightton on $750,000 bail. anyone with any information with this case, should call police immediately. >> a register sex offender in westminsterris charged with indecent eeposure. police say he followed a young girr, around the gooo will shop. worker saw him then exposing himself. police arrested him. >> a cooler end to the week and clouds moved in. >> meteorologist emily gracey joinn usswiih a first look at the sky watch forecast. much needed is rain is on the way? >> we could use it. some this weekend. anddmaybe a good amount on sunday actually. soowe will be waiting for that ccld front to arrive. but we are watching the radar this evening. and not seeing anything out
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there. take a live look from that h.d. radar. as you can seee a dry scan across the area. we will stty hat way for 24 mmre hours. temperatures right now, cooling down into the mid 55s, in many locations. upper 60s around 70 in baltimore. but we will drop into the mid 50s for tonight so cool -vening in store for us. and dry one as well. the dew points are showing uu that they are still vvry dry ttis time of night. mid 40s in many locations. 50 here in baltimore. conditions for one mmre day. dropping down into the mid 50s ovvrnight tonight. tomorrow afternoon. plenty of sunnhine. but rain on the way. ú%wiil tell you when that rain will arrivee and how long it will last, coming up in a few minutes. >> you need to know about a warning for homeowners. scam artists may be targeting your driveway. myranna stephens tells us how it wwrks. >> well, the scam artists are targeting neighborhoods like this one.
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oofering to pave driveways.ú usually for a cheap price. but in the end what the homeowners get is a driveway covered in paint. >> that's what happened to ed of he will got cctcity. a guy chargeddhim $200 to paint the driveway. but the so-called sealant was actually black paint. luckily he stopppd payment on3 the check. when he discovered he had been scammed. >> ii ttey are fast talkers and et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. don't do it. to get a reputable pprson, to do the job that you have to have done. >> and officials say contractors that solis door-to-door in maryland, must have a license. sooyou should verify that license, before giving up theú cash.3 in roland park, myranda3 stephens, fox 45 nnws "late edition". >> you also needdto know about a recall from black and derk. thh black plastic disco the sander can break. happening..3 more than a dozen injuries, including you someone that was seriously cut on the face.
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>> for more information on this recall, go to links.., >> next light he different accusations of raae being used in the race, for city state's see the video conttins all the controversy. >> it was a boom, boom. %->> witnesses dessribe the i'm bob ehrlich.
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i'm not the kind of guy who likes to hang on the sidelines. today maryland is in trouble. we're worse off than we were four years ago. dangerous debt, higher taxes, not enough jobs. we need real leadership to turn this state around. fix the budget -- honestly. grow small businesses -- really. excellent schools -- everywhere. protect the bay -- finally. it's why i'm running. to make the state we love not just good but great. now let's get down to work.
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>> a war over words in baltimore city state's attorney racee %-condemned her opponentsmy anti-crimee rooosal. >> i don't know of a proseeutor's office in the country that practices that. and if he is elected he would be taking us back. 60 years. >> now critics ay that comment injects race into the campaign.
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but at an event earlier today, pat jessamy insisted the comments reeerred only to the crrme pplicies of six decades back. noo the racial conflict of the time. >> shame on them foo interjecting something that had no relevance at all, to what i was saying. >> any kind f statement, that gives a suggestion, ttat it3 -s -- that this election is about race, does a disservice to the citizens of baltimore. >> that is challenger greg bernstein. he is insisting his anti-crime plan has absolutely nothing to do at all withhrace. airing tv campaign ads all summer. with the new one ut now, on the heels of bob ehrrich's new spot. until now, the likely opponents in the november election havv3 aired posiiive tv spots with buuiness leaders touting o'malley's job creation in a ú%%-ads from ehrlich said he wil fix the budget. o'malley's new spot targets the
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former governor's promise for no >> it is about credible. it is about ehrlich saying onee3 thing when he uns for officc and doing a different tting when -> this is an innumbent democratic governor of maryland that woull rather talk about anything other than his record. and his record is one of failure. particularly when it comes to jobs. >> ehrlich saad noo he would not raise taxes or father, because the economy is too weak. >> home sales tank again in the month of august. sales fell 16 percent in the baltimore area.ú the average price dropped as well. but 2/10 of 1 percent. year-to-year drops and it is bllmed oo the end of the federal tax credit. >> with that economic bad news, %-demmcrats this november. at today's news conference, president obama said the recovvry was painfully slow and that would be one of the key issues voters are thinking aboot when thee go to the polls november 2. >> since i am the president and
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democratt have control of the3 house and the senate. it is understandable that people are saying, you know, what havv you donn? >> the president called on congress to pass a package of business tax incentivee, when lawmakers return to d.c. next week. 45 news for the latest on thefox mid term elections, for all up-to-dateestories, simply go to 2010. >> the search for bodies ccntinues tonight after an explosion rips through a residential california neighborhood. crews say, at least, six are dead. they are using adaver dogs to search the area in san bruno. it happpned at 6:00 last nightt after a as line ruptured, the blast left a 15-foot hole in the ground. survivvrs describe the scene as chaotic. >> it looked like people were running from the world trade center. everybody out of the house, running. they could not standdthere.
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because of tte heat so intense. like you would catch on fire..3 never seen aaything ike it. >> ntsb are in san bruno investigating. red cross is also in the area, helping those residents that have lost everythinn. fema has approved a national >> get ready for some rain this weekend. -> meteorologist emily gracey rejoins us now with a look at the sky watch forecast. ú%innall this monthh seeing this week. not tooight though. skycam shows dry and clear conditions this evening. and we are cooling down quickly. not as much in baltimore. 66 deerees right now. winds the out of theenorth at and many locations are already down to the low 60s and upper 50s. overniggt hours. we're also watching that dry air, because the dew point at 49 right now. that is very dry conditions. so we will continue to see dy ccnditioos for one more day. as that high pressure brings in
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the arctii air. and we will start o see a change in our weather by the end offthe weekend. by sunday. cold front pushes through. will bbrnggus showees. that moistureefrom the southwest ú%ll continue to work up. so saturday night to sunday. that is when we will see the wet weather. we are also watching the tropics this evening. tropical stormy gore. ú%tropical depression yesterday. tropical storm the day before. and back to a storm now. and winds at 52 miles per hour. moving west-northwest at and you can see the rack on %-and the hurricane center isst. preddcting that not only will it become a hurricane but a major so something to watch. and we are not aking any predictions on where ii is going yet. but over the next several day we -ill continue to watch igor as it moves into the atlantic. and continues to strength end. bacc at home. watching a cold front push throuuh during the day sunday.3 ittwill bring mmch needed rainfall. we're over an inch below average for this month. and so we could efinitely use the rain it looks like a lost
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moisture with this system, as it cooes through.ú look for the rain to start late during the day sunday. enjoy the activities for because it looks like the rrst of the weekend will be wet. 55 degrees. for the overnight low. warmer downtoww. with inds out of the north. now calming down to five too3 10 milee per hour. and then for tomorrow.3 on the eastern shore. really nice day.ú plenty of sunshine. high. and just slightly warmer than that, in central maryyand. you can expect a high of, with mostly sunny and then sliggtly coolee back to western maryllnd. upper 70s is what you ccn expect there. with mostly sunny skies as well. so over the next five days. ú%art to see a change in the forecast here. rain on sunday with a high of 78 deggees. and then we will dry out for the -tart of the work week. temperatures typical for this time of year. on both monday and tuesday with highs in he low 80s. before a weak cold front comes through tuessay night. not bringing us rain but drops our temperatures back to the mid 70sss i will have a look t the seven--ay forecast coming up
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in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you. >> i see you got the memo. >> today was the first purple friday of the season. >> really? even though the ravens play the jets monddy night. ú%e whole area, wholl area, including yourself.3 which is tough to do. >> i know. >> is celebrating the return of the united way teamee up to win the nfl toocelebrate the reeurn of football and promote physical fitness. aaademy tested skills on the city police academy's obstacle course. and you ccn show us your purple pride..3 ú% karen parks is dding tonight. and then, upload your pictures. >> what's the one thing the ravens have to do if they want to beat the jets monday night? find out next, in sports. >> usually i can sleep onn3 planes, like c 5. and it don't matter. but i didn't sleep a wi ♪
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i thought t it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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>> any dog owner knows that dogs eat pretty much anything.
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jeff's new puppy swallowed $1.05 in pennies. yeeh, all there on the x-ray. a problem beccuue pennies made after 19833are coded with zinc, which can breakdown a dog's blood ells. isis was rushed to surgery and is expected to be okay. >> a little poorer but probably feels better. -> a soldier comiigghome from girlfriend.3 >> kenny chessler was overseas nine months but making plans while there. when kenny hugged his mommshe passed him a ring. then the proposal. >> ken and he christie are not they plan to get married next week. -> the countdown continues. until the ravens auto open up the regular season, monday night
11:23 pm
against the jets. ravens have been in preparation mode all week long. because it is the first regularú seaaon game and it is a monday against former ravens' defensive coordinator rex ryan. the key to stoppinn jets is to stop the run. the jets brought in ladamienú and second year back shawn green with a couple 100-yard games there. and he is the top running back. focus for the defense. >> they are a running football and the bottom line, i think, that they pride themselves in being able to run the footbaal, ourselves, in any great again, itself in stopping the most important thing you havv to go intt the game trying to doo3 >> he runs the ball, the way it north and south runner. he likes to get down here. doesn't follow theetracks. he will bounce it outside. bounce it inside. hard nosed guy. plays the gameethe right way.
11:24 pm
and you know for us, that's a task. becauseethey like to rrn and we don't like to be ran on. >> the orioles are bbck in action ooight after enjoying a much needed day off. they are in detroittagginst the tigers. gal raggo getting the start for the tigers. and look behind the plate. joyce the umph that ccused him the perfect gamee rips it down the baseline.ra one score, and daniel cabrera slides in for the double. and tigers lead 1-0. and top of the fifth. game tied at one. fox with the homecommng. went to the university of michigan. and wolverines drills it to left. rayburn watches it go for fox's seventh of the year. orioles take tte lead. bottom of the sixth. millwooo hangs it for daniel cabrera. boy he wishes heehad that oneú back. that one leaves in a hurry. 34th home run ties it at three. orioles took the lead.
11:25 pm
jones serves the first pitch. that to rrght field. markakis scores and birds aae up twooruns. and bottom of the 9th. koji looks for redemption after blowing the save against the yankees gets dayton monto fly out to jones to end the game..3 koji has the seventh save. >> the birds will go for the tomorrowwin game two.
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%-us.ce aturday n store for 80 degrees, rain comes in sunday. high of 78. and 82 on monday. %-the work week.out the start oo rain coming by friday. jeff and karen back to you. >> thhnk you emill. thht does it for the "late
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